Autun Purser’s Fantastic Travel Destinations

7251_largeFive years ago when my wife and son and I visited London, one of the many, many highlights for me was the London Transport Museum. I’m not a huge transportation fanatic — I like trains and such as much as the next guy but it’s not the sort of thing I would seek out in most cities.

But I’ve always loved British transportation art and that day at the museum I racked up a £25 bill just buying postcards. I could (and did) spend hours browsing the LTM’s poster shop. Seriously, look at this stuff!

So the combination of that aesthetic with SF destinations means I’m pretty much the target demographic for Autun Purser’s Fantastic Travel Destinations. These are, to my mind, the best thing I could have on my walls, though it might be a bit of a wrestle getting my wife to agree to it. I love the London poster for The Day of the Triffids — the “Similar Destinations Include” section is a brilliant piece of mordant wit — but my wife would never agree to hanging a picture of a triffid hovering over a dead body:


More likely I’ll go with Ryhope Wood, which captures perfectly the feel of Robert Holdstock’s magnificently haunting Mythago Wood (which I need to re-read soon):


And I’m seriously thinking of getting this one for my son’s room — The Stars My Destination (or Tiger, Tiger!) is one of his absolute favorites, earning at least one re-read:


Just perfect — hard to believe no one’s thought of doing it before. Check out Purser’s site for the full selection, there’s a ton of them. (h/t io9)

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